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I'm not even talking about waking up after only five hours of sleep to find my kitchen ceiling leaking (though that is also bullshit).

No, today I'm talking about my province's ridiculous labour laws.

We actually have some truly shitty labour laws in New Brunswick. But the one I'm really steamed about now is that it's technically legal in New Brunswick to have a person work 7 days a week, each and every week.

Here, it's the law to give a person 1 day off per week. That isn't a calendar day, though. That's just a single 24-hour period. Which means that a person can legally have a schedule that looks like the following:

Mon: 11 AM - 5 PM
Tues: 5 PM - 9 PM
Wed: 11 AM - 5 PM
Thurs: 11 AM - 5 PM
Fri: 11 AM - 5 PM
Sat: 11 AM - 5 PM
Sun: 11 AM - 5 PM

That gap between finishing work on Monday at 5 and starting the next shift at 5 the next day counts as a person's "day off."

And such a schedule wouldn't even put somebody over the 44 hours a week needed to get overtime, either.

Not sure if that's legal in every province. But the fact that it's legal at all anywhere here is a load of bullshit.

What surprises me is that more unscrupulous businesses don't take advantage of this. People would complain, but legally they'd have no recourse.

Never mind that such a schedule would be very physically and emotionally draining to most employees. Too damn bad for them.

There are others that bother me, too.

Also, under the "Equal Pay for Equal Work" rule, turns out that if two people of the same gender and do the same work but get different pay, and it's not because of seniority or merit wage increases, there's no right to file a complaint. So the person in charge of payroll could be giving more money to the person they want to bang, for example, and that's perfectly legal. There's only cause for complaint if there's a gender difference.

I guess they figure no one will ever discriminate against two people of the same gender. Or maybe that such situations would just be too hard to figure out and so let it be ignored.

I dread to think of the bullshit that would arise in cases of transgender discrimination. If someone who's mtf gets paid less that a woman who does that same work and all that jazz, how is that handled? To get the claim recognised, the trans person would have to claim to be male when they aren't, or else have the claim invalidated, even though it may be just as blatant and disgusting a form of discrimination.

Most employers, if you work into overtime hours, will pay you 1.5 times your hourly rate of pay for it. But it's only legal to pay you 1.5 times minimum wage for overtime hours. Someone who makes more than 1.5 times minimum wage as their regular hoursly pay therefore gets no additional compensation for working more than 44 hours a week.

Granted, right now working for $12.75 an hour sounds pretty freaking sweet, and I personally would have no complaints at making that hourly wage. (That much money could change my life around in under a year!) But (and it may just be my privilege showing here), it really burns me that the companies who actually give you 1.5 times your hourly wage for overtime hours don't have to do so, because it means that other companies can dick over their employees and squeeze many more hours out of them without having to pay them compensation for it.

I'm glad that New Brunswick no longer has the lowest minimum wage in Canada (that dubious honour now goes to BC), but even so, it's still freaking sad that here, a person working 40 hours a week on minimum wage can afford a bachelor apartment in a crappy section of the city, if you follow the advice of financial experts who say that one's rent/mortgage should be no more than 30% of their income. And I live in one of the cheaper cities in NB! In Fredericton, cost of living is even higher!

I've gone through too much crap with employers who think they can get away with illegal and immoral actions because they think that their employees won't know any better. Then it turns out that sometimes they do things that really suck that are still actually legal, and it feels like falling into a hole and not being able to get out again.
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Some of you may know that last September, I lost my job. It was a sudden loss. Sudden enough that I saw my boss that very morning and he said nothing except to find out if I would be home at a certain time that day. I told him I'd be out, and wouldn't you know, that's when he called me to tell me I no longer had a job because the company shut down.

Their clients got an hour's notice until the service was terminated.

The next thing we heard was that the company would not be able to pay us for the time worked between the last pay period and the closing of the company, nor would they be able to pay us any banked vacation pay.

Rumours started spreading about how they were trying to reverse the deposit of the pay from the previous pay period, too.

Some of us went to the Labour Board and found out that indeed this was bullshit, and that they had to pay us for not only the time we worked and our vacation pay, but also 2-4 weeks of pay-in-lieu since they gave us no notice of our jobs being gone. For me, this amounted to around $1300, give or take. There were some exceptions to that rule, of course, like the company having to close because the workplace burned down or something, but it was ruled that this case was not an exception and they would have to pay.

Especially because I have a quote from the company's co-owner that basically amounted to, "Yeah, this wasn't really sudden at all, and we sorta saw it coming since the previous November."

Then came the delays. First they hoped to get us our money by the end of 2009, then hopefully between January and March of 2010, then maybe by June they might have it.

They tried to sell off all of their assets to get us what we were owed, apparently. They tried to sell the part of the company that acted as an answering service to B&Bs across the US. Another company was actually interested, so they were given control of the project on a 3-month trial period. If they didn't feel it was worth keeping up with, then they didn't have to pay a cent and everyone would go their merry way.

Unsurprisingly, since all the B&Bs got an hour notice of service termination, very few of them decided to bother staying on. I think 10 out of the 150 inns actually stuck it out, and the new company rightly decided that there was just no profit in that. No money came from them.

This could have been solved by the owners declaring bankruptcy. Not only would that take care of the employee debt, but also their debt to Revenue Canada, since they were reportedly quite behind on their payroll taxes, too.

But bankruptcy would have prevented the company's owner from starting up a new company in her name. Which is what she did.

Today I got a letter in the mail from her, saying that despite her "best efforts", no, we weren't getting paid a cent after all this. She said her biggest mistake was not closing the company down when she first saw the problems, but that we should all take comfort in knowing that if she'd done the right thing then, we wouldn't have had 3-4 extra months of employment from her when he did.

Not that it mattered to me, since I was on stress leave for 3 out of those 4 months anyway... But I kid you not; that's what she said in her letter. Thatwe should be grateful that she screwed up and that we weren't out of work sooner.

What I want is to find a labour lawyer to look at this case. I know that the company was incorporated, which acts as a sort of insurance for companies. An incorporated company is a separate entity from the owners, and so if it no longer exists, neither do its debts. However, incorporation only protects again so many contingencies, and I want to know if this is a case where they're protected or not. If the company still owed money to Revenue Canada that had to be paid before the employees got their money, then there's a chance that their incorporation isn't going to protect them here.

In which case, I want to sue them for all they're worth. For theft and for fraud and for health and emotional damages.

There are labour lawyers in the city. The big problem is that I don't know if any of them do free consultations, and even if any do, I'll then have the problem of convincing them to work only for a percentage of what I actually get as a result of the lawsuit. But if I can't, then I'm basically SOL and the ex-boss wins, gets away with everything. She won't have to pay a cent of what she owes us because she was an idiot and can't manage a business properly.

I'll email some lawyers tonight, see if any are willing to at least give me a free consultation. If it turns out that I may have a case but none are willing to work with me on fees, maybe just the threat of being sued might make the ex-bosses cough up the money we're owed. Since I don't have a job and can barely afford bread right now, I know I can't afford lawyer fees.

But we'll see. One step at a time.

And right now, my step is into the bathroom. Again. This issue has stressed me into having my second gut attack of the day, and I don't see it letting up soon.
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July is going to be a busy month for me, no matter how I consider it. In some ways, I'm looking forward to it, and other bits of are screaming, "Argh, how did you get yourself into this mess?!"

Reading: I have, at this moment, 9 review copies of books that need my attention. Fortunately 4 of them are geared more to young adults, so they'll be quicker to read than the other 5, but that's still a heft reading requirement. They don't all have to be reviewed by the end of July, but 1 of them is overdue and others I got direct from the small-press authors themselves, so I feel a greater obligation to finish then before others. I should be able to finish at least 1 of those 9 before the end of this month, but that still leaves 8. It'll take more than a single month to get them done with all the other things I have to do.

Writing: Aside from all the prompt and writing challenges I've signed up for, Rei and I have challenged ourselves to an early NaNo-type challenge, which we have called DoJu. (Domestic July Novel Writing Month.) I've got my premise, at least, which is a relief compared to two days ago when I had no idea what I'd write, but that, plus the other challenges... I admit, I finished this past NaNo challenge in 15 days, but that was only because I had no job and nothing else to distract me. Now, I do.

Drawing: The Sketchbook Project stuff should be arriving in a few weeks, which means I ought to take some time to at least do a few drawings for it. Or at least some photos to use as sources for things I can't quite draw yet without a good source image.

Work: No job yet, but it's not like I don't need one desperately. I have an interview tomorrow, for a night auditor position at a nearby hotel, which I think I'd enjoy. They ask for a lot and don't give much back, though, which is a blessing and a curse. They need 4 references as opposed to the standard 2, their idea of full-time hours is 25 a week, but they do pay about $13 an hour, so even on the minimum they'll give me, I could still get by on that pay, especially since they offer benefits. (I need my discount meds! I'm almost out, I can't afford to pay $140 for refills right now, and I do like to keep breathing.)

So even if I don't get that job (and I'm hoping that I do get it), it'll be a busy month with lots of obligation and responsibility. And somewhere in there I'll end up fitting in weekly dinners with a friend, going out for walks and to get groceries and any other job stuff that comes my way, so if you hear me say at any point in July that I don't have anything to do, you all have my permission to give me a smack upside the head.

But for now, since it's not quite July yet, I think I'll take advantage of a little free time and go lie down before going out to take a walk and buy cat food. It was dawn before I got to sleep last night, and I'm really feeling it now.
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My mother just called to give me a piece of good news. She's getting a pay-raise at work, as she's been transferred from calls to faxes, which involves slightly less work for slightly more pay.

Her training ended a week ago.

This is, I'd like to add, the job that she got which I didn't, in spite of the fact that I actually have greater qualifications for it than she does. I strongly suspect ageism and her tendancy to lie about all and sundry were large factors in why she got the job where I was refused.

I am jealous. I am annoyed. I am sad. I'm angry that it seems that no matter how often she screws up her life, she always gets the breaks. Where I try to make my life better and to avoid messing up, I get deeper in debt each day and struggle to find a company that will hire me even temporarily. She's left jobs with no notice in order to run away with my father, then lied to them about having a sick mother in England that she needed to visit (when she returned after the whole thing with my father not working out, of course) and apologized for her behaviour and asked for her job back. She used this tactics twice, and it actually worked once.

If I tried that, I'd be rightly accused of lying and told not to come back. But she's in the age group that's supposed to be responsible, and I'm in the age group that's supposed to get dead drunk every weekend, so of course they're going to trust her more.

So she gets a raise, and I get another round of searching on the job bank.

I'm so tired of having it shoved in my face that things go so right for her no matter how much of a mess she makes. I hate being young sometimes. I hate being young and responsible, because so few people want to accept that those two words can go together.

No, wait, I want to elaborate on that. I hate being young and responsible and somebody who doesn't give a toss about fashion and cosmetics. If people can see past the fact that I'm young to consider the fact that I may be responsible, I'm often branded a slacker and a slouch because I won't take the time to pretty myself up before I leave the house. But if my hair and skin and clothes are neat and clean, and I'm wearing the required business-casual clothes, it still won't matter because my lips are the wrong shade of pink and my eyelashes aren't thick enough.

It all makes me want to cry. I've spent my entire life trying to be what everybody else wants, to minimize conflict, and putting myself last in so many situations in order to please people. And now that I've gained confidence and am learning to like who I am, I see everywhere signs that the world prefered the meek little idiot I used to be.

And so I'm stuck in a seemingly never-ending round of "maybe this time, maybe this time" as I look for jobs, while my mother gets a promotion after a month of working for a new company.
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On another community site, I was reading a complaint by a woman with severe chronic lung problems, who was talking about her latest bout with illness was due to a coworker coming in for his shift when he knew he had bronchitis. She wondered why he'd do such a stupid thing, working while sick and risking the health of others around him as well as his own, instead of staying at home and recovering and sparing everybody else.

Why did he do it? Likely for the same reason that Rei suffers through pain every day, and why I work at call centres when I have a hearing problem. We can't afford to do otherwise.

Let me put it this way. Where I live, working 40 hours a week on minimum wage can get a person a little over $1000 per month. As I have learned recently through searching for a new apartment, a 1-bedroom apartment in a not-so-great area of town, one that needs work done on it, often goes for between $500-600 per month, with only some utilities included in the rent if you're lucky. That's 50-60% of one's earnings, and most financial experts say that typically one should only be paying about 30% rent or mortgage. Here, that would be $300 a month, and for that I believe a person could get a run-down bachelor apartment in a place that's well known for its drug dealers.

Get a bad case of the flu and get told by the doctor that you need to take a week off work? Feel just generally crappy and want to take a shift off in order to rest? Too bad. You need that shift because you can't afford to pass up the $50 you'd earn that day.

And those are just the immediate paycheque-to-paycheque considerations. Most jobs allow you a certain number of sick days each year before they start getting on your case. Taking more than than the number of days allotted (usually around a single week out of the entire year) can be grounds for punishment or even dismissal, unless you have a doctor's note. Your very job could hang in the balance, which makes for a very compelling reason to push past your illness and go to work anyway, no matter how bad you feel, no matter how sick you risk making those around you.

Want a doctor's note to cover your ass? You'd better hope that you either have a doctor you can see in less than 24 hours, like one at an after-hours clinic. And if you have something like stomach pain or dizziness, they demand you go to the hospital because it could be something they can't treat. (Even if all you want is a doctor's note to shut your bosses up.) That means that you sit in the hospital waiting room for hours because you're likely to be low-priority, infecting all those people in the waiting room with you, only to be told that yup, there's nothing the doctor can do and you should just go home and rest.

Here, some clinics charge $20 for a sick note. That's $20 out of pocket, plus whatever you're going to lose by not going in for your shift.

That's why people work when they're sick. Unless they have a very well-paying job, no debt, and don't mind living in a bad area of the city, they can't afford to do otherwise.

It sucks for all involved. It sucks for the woman who got sick because her coworker came in with bronchitis. It sucks for the man with bronchitis because he has every reason to work while sick and so few reasons to stay home. There is no way of winning. There is no right decision. Every decision you could make is wrong for a thousand reasons, and everybody loses.

Rei is sick again. He wants to stay home today. He wanted to stay home yesterday, but couldn't afford it. He can't afford it today either. He won't be able to afford it tomorrow. He will go in to work, spread his cold around, and work through pain and weakness and feeling awful, because he needs to eat, and he needs a place to live.

If I get offered another job at a call centre, I will accept it. My ears and brain don't function together the way they ought to, but that kind of work pays well and I need that sort of money. I will suffer through the frustration and humiliation and stress because I need to. When my lungs start to twitch and I cough like mad and can't sit up without gasping, I will push myself in for my shift and do what I can for as long as I can, because I won't be able to afford to do otherwise.

It comes down to money, but not greed. It is not a malicious attempt to infect people, but a desperate attempt to keep the bills paid.

I personally feel sorry for everybody in that situation. I've been the person who comes in to work sick, and the person who gets sick because others come in to work sick. It's hard. It's a never-ending battle of illness. But it has to be done because the alternative is being homeless and hungry.

Which, I imagine, won't do much good for my health either.
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The latest issue of Piecework arrived yesterday, and I enjoyed reading it. Aside from an interesting biography of Herbert Niebling, it also rekindled my interest in tatted lace. I still regret that I lost my tatting shuttle so soon after buying it. I didn't even get a chance to use it before it went missing. I'm sure I'll be able to find another one at some point, but they aren't very common anymore, so I might have to look around for a while.

The weather has been lousy lately, very damp and grey and chilly, but I've still been making an effort to go for a walk each day. Today's walk won't be until much later, since I plan to pick up some groceries before meeting Rei after work, so I have about 5 hours before I need to even think about going anywhere. Plenty of time for tea and anime yet.

I am, though, thinking about the delicious things I can bring home tonight. Bread, because I'm feeling lazy and don't feel like making any of my own right now. Late at night the grocery store tends to mark down their whole cooked chickens and hams, so one of each of those will be nice, and I can get each for under $10. A few vegetables to add to the still large pile of packets of ramen, so that we can get some nutrients along with something filling. I can pick up enough food to last us for a week or more in less than $50, and I'm even splurging a little to get the chicken and ham, which I may not normally buy.

The chicken will be good for sandwiches as well as providing some scraps to add to the ramen, and the bones and skin and pieces of meat that are too small to do anything else with will go in a pot and become chicken stock for soup. If the ham hasn't been deboned, I'll probably use that bone and scraps for the same thing, to make the food stretch a little further.

I do so love frugal tasty meals.

I'm hoping to hear back from the job I interviewed for on Tuesday. Since it's at a store that does a small of small loans and deals with private financial information, they ran a criminal background check on me, which is perfectly understandable. Rei thinks that they're strongly considering hiring me, since they took my information for the check (including copies of my photo ID) at the interview itself, and he reckons that if they weren't considering me seriously for the position, they wouldn't waste time running a check or taking my ID. It makes sense, and I really hope he's right, since that job has decent hours and fairly good pay, much better than what I was expecting. Not the kind of job that could change my life around entirely, the way some others that I applied for could, but it would still do a lot to help me.

[Edit] - Of course, the grocery store didn't have whole roasted chickens or any ham, so I had to do without that. I'll go back tomorrow to see if they have any then, and to pick up some of the drinks they have on sale. 99 cents is a good price for almost a litre of apple green tea!


Apr. 20th, 2010 03:08 pm
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I now have an account on Archive of Our Own, and so now have incentive to revamp a few things I've written over the past few years so that I can upload them and re-establish myself in fandom. The challenges I've accepted over the past few weeks will also help with that, undoubtedly.

I've been grinding in DreameRO for a few days and have improved Jazriyah (my Swordie), but she's still got a way to go. I'm finding it difficult to find a good place to level-build right now. I can find plenty of places that are too tough, plenty that don't offer much experience to speak of, and it seems that dungeons that are best suited to me at the moment offer piddly loot, so I can't even console myself by thinking I'm working hard to save zeny for better equipment. I think I have enough for some decent armour, though. My defense stat is low, because Jazriyah's focus is on dodging rather than taking hits, so I haven't had much of a chance to build up the stat. Same thing with my Strength stat. It's only 30 right now (at base level 50), since the guide I've been following has been advising me to dump a lot of points into AGI instead.

Admittedly, this keeps me alive in tough fights, since things have a hard time hitting me, but the comparatively small amount of damage I do in return means that I'm there longer and giving them more chances to get a hit in.

Still, it's good stress relief.

My EI claim should be going through soon, which is good. Less good is the fact that I'll only be getting about $36 a week. While that's something, it's only barely enough to buy a month's groceries if I'm extremely careful, and so most of the burden is still falling on Rei to make up the rest of the money I normally would have paid to our expenses.

Still unemployed, obviously. I ended up quite pissed yesterday when I found out that my mother was hired for a job that I was turned down for, despite the fact that I have better experience in the field. (Also I'm not an avoidant twit with a habit of lying to get out of trouble, but that never seems to come up in interviews.) If I had $10 to bet, I'd wager it on ageism once again. My mother's in her 40s, well past the age range where one tends to do stupid things. I'm in my 20s, which is still in the age range that prefers partying every weekend and getting piss drunk as often as possible. She's deemed more responsible than I am by the sole virtue of her age.

In objective reality, however, I haven't driven home drunk and then bragged about it to my friends. She has. She bragged to Rei and I and then was dismayed that we were far from impressed.

I appear to have lost a few pounds lately, according to the bathroom scales. I've been walking more often and drinking more water, which is probably the cause. I'm pleased about this, since I weigh far too much and have health problems that are exacerbated by carrying around all this excess weight.

In cleaning the kitchen two days ago, I found my old Latin textbook, and I plan to review some of the lessons to see how much I remember. Just another tool for independent study until I can go to university. It's a shame my Italian, Spanish, and German textbooks are buried somewhere in the back room, but I'll probably have an easier time with the Italian and Spanish, at least, after a Latin refresher. I remember taking Latin for the first time in high school, and I was amazed at just how much it helped me improve my French.

I had planned to go out today and pick up some groceries and rent money, but I'm feeling a bit let down by finding out the EI news, so I think I'll put that off until tomorrow. I can charge my iPod tonight and enjoy a long walk tomorrow, since I'll have to walk uptown, then to the north end, then home again in order to get everything done. That'll be about 2 hours of non-stop walking, so bringing some entertainment with me will make it less tiresome.

Now that all that's said and done, I do believe it's time for another cup of tea. You can take the Brit out of England...
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I interviewed the other day for a night auditor at a nearby hotel, and was supposed to be called today if the position was mine. Business hours have ended, and I didn't get a call. I'm disappointed. I was really hoping for that job, since it would give me a schedule I prefer, good pay, would be close to home, and might allow me the chance to work on other projects during the very slow hours.

Back to scouring the job bank website again. Though every time I apply for a job and get nowhere, I get a little bit more discouraged. Often I think that I'm just unemployable.

It doesn't stop me from searching, though, and I even apply for jobs that I technically don't meet qualifications for, though of those I stick to ones I'm certain I can do anyway. A perfect example is a TESL position, once that requires completion of university (any degree) and membership in a professional association (any one). Technically, someone with a degree in physics and a membership to the Provincial Hog-Tying Association is better qualified to teach English than somebody who's motivated, loves learning and language, and devotes a portion of each day to independent study until they can afford to go to university.

I applied for it anyway. I won't get the job, but I wanted to try, and I said in my cover letter a more polite version of what I said above. Maybe if they don't get any qualified applicants, maybe they'll consider me.

Of course, getting certified as an ESL teacher also requires a university education. Again, I could have a degree in physics and know nothing about dealing with people, but still apparently be qualified to teach... I suppose those foreign people don't need somebody who actually cares about language. They just need somebody with a fancy diploma.

And I can't get said diploma unless I find a well-paying job soon.

To cheer me up, Griffin took a little money and bought me a few treats. A new notebook (we're both fond of stationery), and a box of daifuku from the Oriental market in the north end. Azuki daifuku, which are my favourite. That, the notebook, and the warm weather did a lot to improve my mood, and while I'm still upset about being unemployed, I can at least enjoy a few small everyday things, things that make my current life a little less onerous to go through.
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I'm awake far too early this morning, nursing a cold that won't let me get back to sleep. I'd say that I'll end up taking a nap later to make up for it, but it's even odds whether or not I actually will. I may wake up enough with the help of food and a cup of tea that I'll be able to get by until the time at which I normally go to bed.

Decided to delete HeRO from my laptop and to download DreameRO instead, partly to avoid somebody I don't much want to talk to anymore, and partly because I screwed up the characters that I created there, through a lack of forethought and planning. I did all the research for Jazriyah and Razreesh last night, and I'll get all the detail I need for Suraiya while the client's still downloading. Possibly in between more episodes of Digimon Adventure 02.

It seems that no matter how hard I look, my city either doesn't have career counselors or just doesn't have any advertising for them, which is a real shame. I've thought about finding one in the past, as an aid to finding a job that will actually make good use of my skills instead of trying to force me to mold to a position I am not suited to in order to make money. I could potentially have access to one half a province away, provided I had transportation to them (I don't) and have a disability (I have challenges, but nothing that would be called a disability, I think, except on the really bad days). There are quizzes and tests that the government job bank has access to that can help you identify where your talents lie, but none of those will actually, say, vouch for me in the event I apply for a job in that field.

This is something I've complained about often. I can have all the skills in the world, but unless I've paid for and passed courses at some school or another to prove it, nobody will even look twice at me. I could be the world's best technical writer, for example, but I'll never be able to make use of that skill as a job because unless I've taken a course in technical writing, essentially learning what I already know (and thus wasting money on the class). If I had a career counselor, somebody with whom I could sit down and talk, they might be able to vouch for me, tell potential employers, "Oh yes, we've tested this one and she has all the skills you need." Or perhaps help me find financial assistance for going back to school.

Even being a baker these days requires accreditation. Something I could learn and master at home if I so desired, and short of getting a lucky break in a bakery that's a little lax on standards, I couldn't turn that into a career no matter how much I know.

Not that I want to be a baker. That was just an example, since I saw the profession listed on a summary of apprenticeships.

I suppose that there's really only so much a career counselor could do for me anyway. Just because I have certain strong skills doesn't mean that there's actually a market for them here.

Rei told me about somebody he used to work with who ended up leaving her retail job to to university after finding some organization in the city that helps with such thing, finds loopholes and all sorts of financial avenues. This person reportedly was told not to work at all through her education, that her full tuition and cost of supplies would be paid for, and she would have enough left over to pay her household expenses.

I wish Rei remembered the name of the organization that did this, since I'd love to take advantage of their services. If someone or a group of someones would be willing to pay for my education and my expenses while getting said education, I'd jump at the chance. Not having to work would mean I could handle a full-time course load, and be finished with a degree in four or five years.

I need to go to the unemployment office soon anyway, so maybe I'll ask them what they can do to help. I hear that the government is often willing to pay for at least some of a person's university education if they're on EI, gambling on the hope that they'll complete a degree and get a well-paying job in the country so that what they paid for me will be more than recovered by the taxes I'll pay in the future. I'll see that bet, if they give me the chance.
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I got my PFO letter from the company I had applied to for a job. With a simple letter, three lines long, went the hopes of getting a new apartment and going back to school. I know, logically, that this wasn't my final chance at doing such things, but I did have such hopes pinned on it. Finding out it won't happen has ruined my mood.

What is it that makes me so unemployable lately? According to every guide I've read, I used to do everything wrong and yet get a job anyway. Now I'm doing things the so-called right way and no company will hire me. It makes me wonder is companies actually was a depressed employee with little to no self-esteem, instead of an intelligent employee who seeks improvement and who can, at the very least, fake a positive attitude even when they don't feel it. Would I be better off going to interviews and acting like I don't deserve the job and that I'm profoundly uncomfortable, instead of going in appearing confident and smiling and with the ability to make small talk even when I hate it?

I wish I could just get a job transcribing audio and video, or doing copyedit work. More fields where you have to already have experience before somebody will give you a job to give you experience, though.

I'm going to try to cheer myself up with anime and leftover garlic bread. I won't get a job doing that, but it might at least be able to raise my mood a bit.
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Sent off another job application and resume. Washing laundry in a hotel isn't quite what I had in mind for a job, but if it gives me enough money to pay the bills, I'll be satisfied with that I have until I can get something better.

Still no word on the job I interviewed for last week, but there's still time. I'll be quite disappointed if I don't get it, since being hired there would allow me to go back to university and get a new apartment, two things which could be key to turning my life around.

I've been on an anime kick lately. I've always liked anime, and often find interesting shows to watch, but rarely do I actually watch them through from beginning to end. I find myself stopping halfway through, not because the show gets boring or goes off the air, but because I have a terrible habit of starting things and not finishing them.

But I've felt the need, lately, to go back and finally watch all of what I didn't finish before. This leaves me with approximately 10 years worth of anime to watch, or rather I should say, various anime from the past 10 years. I at least got through all of Love Hina last week, but that's really only one show down out of at least 20 that I still ought to watch. And some of those shows ran for years.

It will be easier for me to keep track of things if I make a list of what I plan to watch. This is a note for my own reference, and I don't expect any comments on it. Though if anybody does decide to comment, you're free to recommend an anime to you that you think I may like, but understand that I may have already dismissed your suggestion as uninteresting. Also, in addition to Love Hina, I've also watched all of Fruits Basket, Azumanga Daiou, Ouran Host Club, Loveless, and Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness), which is why they aren't on the list.

Cut to spare your eyes. )

Now that I've finished eating a large portion of gnocchi au gratin with garlic bread, I think it might be time to take a nap. I'm more tired than I expected to be after a walking and a meal.
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I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that I can get the new job I applied for last week. If so, there's a very real chance that I can go back to university and, unlike last time I was there, can actually work toward a goal that I have clearly in mind, instead of just taking classes at random and hoping I get inspired. Credit where credit is due, though, since it was in my first Ancient Greek language class that I fully discovered my love of and talent for languages, so going to university when I didn't wasn't a complete waste of time and money.

I feel the urge to start studying now, though. Even though I don't know what courses I'll take, or even if I'll be lucky enough to get the job that will allow me to go back, I want to get ahead as soon as possible. At best I'll be able to coast through a few classes and perhaps bring up some interesting discussion, and at worst I'll have filled my hours with something productive and educations. It seems like a clear win-win situation.

I've been switching back and forth between playing Pokemon Soul Silver and Ragnarok DS. More Pokemon than Ragnarok lately, mostly because the quests in Ragnarok are repetitive and I can only stand so much of it at a time. It's quite different from the online game, which is what I was hoping for when I bought it. It's still enjoyable, though, and I should put Pokemon down for a day and advance Ragnarok's plot a little.

I've also been catching up on some old anime that hasn't been popular for the better part of a decade by now. I would have finished watching Love Hina today, if the final episode hadn't decided not to play. Rather than wrestle with it or find it on an anime streaming site, I just switched to Seirei no Moribito, which looks quite interesting. I can't see it becoming one of my favourites, but I think I'll enjoy watching it, as the plot looks intruiging and the animation is done quite well.


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