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Please stop making 3D movies. No, seriously. It's a nice little novelty, but you seem to be overlooking something when you do this: people who already wear glasses.

If I go to see a 3D movie, I have three choices. 1) I can not wear the 3D glasses, and the movie will be blurry. 2) I can not wear my regular glasses and use the 3D glasses instead, in which case the movie will be even blurrier, because I'm more than half blind without my glasses. 3) I can wear both my glasses and the 3D glasses, which is uncomfortable and also means that considering where on my nose I have my glasses resting, I practically have to hold onto the 3D ones if I move my head even a small amount.

Which will happen, because my Tourette's causes my head to jerk violently, and acts up more than usual if I'm stressed or edgy.

I did not get to see Avatar in theatres because they only showed the 3D version here. It's now likely I'll have to miss out on Alice in Wonderland for the very same reason.

You may say, "Why don't you just wear contacts?" To this, I invite you to pay for my optometrist appointment and then the price of the contact lenses, because there's no way I can pay for that stuff myself right now. I prefer glasses to contact lenses anyway, and that argument is asking me to pay hundreds of dollars for some small pieces of flexible plastic that allows me to wear novelty glasses to see a movie. Um, no.

Also, some people can't wear contact lenses, for various reasons.

So please get over this novelty soon so that I can return to viewing movies comfortably. Or come up with a design for clip-on 3D glasses that actually work.

No love,


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