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The building is still shaking. I was hoping that the deconstruction people would take the weekend off and leave me with a few days of stability, but I suppose they couldn't just leave huge piles of rubble there for two days. For one thing, the rubble is nearly blocking off the only entrance to the lowest apartment in the building. I pity them for having to pick their way around broken wood and glass shards in order to get to and from their home.

Rumour has it that the fire marshall told them they couldn't tear down that building in the way that they ended up doing, since it was so close to a lot of homes and would be a fire and damage hazard. Either they went ahead without approval, or argued the fire marshall down, I don't know. I'd say that they probably argued him down by saying that leaving the building standing would be an even greater fire hazard, but quite honestly, that building's been unoccupied and boarded up for the better part of a decade now, and there were no fires in that that thing during that whole period.

I admit I'm glad to see it come down, in a sense. It's been standing abandonned for so long, and had started to come apart anyway. But what really makes me uneasy about the whole thing is that they first had to clear it out before tearing it down. I don't just mean getting rid of any fridges and stoves that may have come with the apartments in the first place. I mean removing couches, beds, and even toys. It was like everyone got evicted overnight and weren't allowed to get their stuff. I'm sure there are some situations that might warrant that, but I can't imagine what they would be. I know if I was told to get out of my apartment and not come back, and no I didn't have time to move all my belongings, I'd be kicking up one hell of a fuss and wouldn't let it go without a fight.

Very strange.

But since the shaking can't stop me from getting done what I need to do, I've already washed a load of dishes, will wash the other load later, and I plan to make a vegetable stew for tomorrow's supper. (Tonight Rei and I are going to a friend's place for good food and company.) We have carrots, potatoes, and parsnips that need to be used up, and some onion and garlic that will add a nice flavour. I'm tempted to tweak the recipe and throw in the leftover bits of turkey that are still in the fridge, which will make it not-a-vegetable stew, but the turkey does need to be used up soon and this would be a good way to do it.

We've still got a lot of potatoes that need to be used up soon, too, so I'm tempted to experiment with dehydrating them. That way they won't go to waste, and next time we fancy mashed potatoes we won't have to go spend money on buying a new bag.

Of course, I haven't dehydrated anything just using the oven before, so it'll be an adventure. I'll probably try that on Monday, and make that day a kitchen day or something. If I'm not cleaning, I'll be cooking. It'll be the day before my EI money comes through, too, so it'll be a good time to take stock of everything that's in the kitchen, use up what I can before it goes bad, throw out what I can't use (or get stuff together to donate if it's still good but I can no longer tolerate eating it), and make sure I don't waste any of the money I get. I may find enough food to be able to put off grocery shopping for another week, if I'm a little creative with what I make.

Rei and I have been amusing ourselves at night by watching a few episodes of Ranma 1/2 before bed. I'd watched some of it before, at the old anime club I used to belong to in high school, but the club was disorganized and would pretty much just show random episodes from random anime, with no continuity at all. Thus I hadn't actually seen much, and had never seen the beginning. It's fun to take a bit of a nostalgia trip and watch really old stuff every once in a while.

And as a last piece of news, I have a job interview tomorrow morning. Yes, on a Sunday. It's a little unusual, but I guess it's the only time that was available, and I don't mind things being a little unorthodox. The interview's for a job as a night auditor in a hotel I'm actually rather fond of and would enjoy working for, so once more, my fingers are crossed and I'm hoping that they want to hire me.

Ah, let me be very specific here. I'm hoping that they want to hire me and don't demand ridiculous forms of identification in order to do so. I've already had that headache, and I don't fancy reliving it. I have enough rent money now for a few months (thank you, very old tax returns!), but the sooner I get a stable job, the better!
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It's a rather grey and unpleasant-looking day today, but I seem to still be running on the enjoyment of yesterday, in spite of the weather and lingering feelings from an uncomfortable dream last night.

I did a lot of walking yesterday, so much that my body still aches today. That just goes to show how out of shape I am. Oh sure, I may have been going for half-hour to 45-minute walks just about every day for the past two months, but keeping my shopaholic mother company at the mall for three hours is a tiring experience, moreso than I remembered. My feet, legs, and torso ache, and for so reason my forearms ache, though I didn't carrying anything larger than a rather light plastic bag.

But I am glad I went out. More government money appeared in my bank account, likely from a GST credit from three years ago, so I picked myself up some essentials and non-essentials. An unlimited bus card for this month, which will be good if I get a job and even good if I don't, since it will make grocery shopping easier and will allow me to go out even if the weather's terrible. There's a large chance that any new job I get will be in a part of the city that I can't easily walk to, and since I have another interview next week in the same area that my interview last week was in, it's probably going to be cheaper in the long run to have bought the unlimited card.

A new art store opened up at the mall, and so I bought Rei and early birthday gift in the form of two cougar photographs, one of them framed. There are a lot of interesting things there, some really beautiful prints and paintings, but what caught my eye was the little fibre arts section that contained things like bottle cozies that had been made from the sleeves of felted recycled sweaters. Selling for prices that I could potentially make good money on myself, since such things are easy to make, and it still leaves the front and back of the sweater intact for other projects. They sold crocheted bookmarks, some of which were far too thick to be used effectively, for $1 each, but they were so simple that a person could churn out 10 of them in an hour with no problem at all. That store makes me think once again that I should make a few wall hangings and see if they'll help me sell them. Or perhaps I could join in the recycling fad and sell simple things like bookmarks and wrist bands. It wouldn't take much effort on my part, and I'm the thrifty/crafty sort who gets most of my yarn from recycled sweaters anyway.

Also bought the latest issue of A Needle Pulling Thread, which has a few interesting projects to try. I was hoping I'd be able to find the latest issue of Renaissance too, but it seems that even the largest bookstore in the city no longer carries it. I'm not too surprised, since I was probably one of maybe three people in the city who bought the magazine, and even I'd stopped for a while due to a lack of money. They probably figured it just wasn't worth it anymore. Hopefully I'll be able to get a subscription to the magazine when I start getting regular paycheques again.

Seeing people on my Reading list talking about SMT: Strange Journey made me envious, since I love the MegaTen series. That extra money in my bank account allowed me just enough to be able to buy it, and I started playing it last night. Aside from silly-looking helmets, the game thus far is a lot of fun, the plot as interesting as all MegaTen games tend to be, and plenty of fun demons to recruit. I like the fact that I can now fuse them without having to leave the area, which makes things a lot easier, though it eliminates a little bit of level-building because I don't have to backtrack as much to visit some special place where I can fuse demons. Frankly, I like level-building, and this has proven to be a good thing in MegaTen games, since if I don't level-build I seem to get ass-raped by demons pretty regularly.

I also finished watching Chobits before going out. As interesting as that show was, it could have been done better. There was quite a lot of filler, which made it rather boring at times and a chore to wait through. I kept hoping with each new episode that there'd be something exciting happening now, instead of just another, "Chii learns something new through daily life stuff" episode. Out of 27 episodes, 3 of them were recap episodes, including the finale, which showed us scenes that we'd already watched two episodes previous. While I find the concept interesting, and some of the characters intruiging, I found myself thinking that the show could have been reduced in length by half, and if they'd cut out the filler and remove the flashback episodes, it would have been much more compelling, and wouldn't have dragged so much.

Of course, complaining that a show is full of filler becomes ironic when you consider that I started watching Sailor Moon immediately after. I found subtitled episodes, which is good, and it's an old favourite that I never did get to see all of, and it will keep me busy for a while, so long as I'm not too embroiled in Strange Journey. Plenty of filler, yes, but it holds nostalgia for me. This show actually helped me get my first girlfriend. (How many nerds can say that?) I became somewhat obsessed with Haruka, and so changed my ICQ name to Michiru. Out of the blue one day, somebody named Haruka sent me a message, saying we must have something in common. From there we started talking, and ended up getting together. It didn't last, but it was certainly fun while it lasted, and she'll always have a place in my heart, but I'm forever amused by the fact that Sailor Moon, of all things, helped me get a date!
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I just finished watching .hack//SIGN, and I have to confess myself very disappointed by the ending. Or rather, the ending that wasn't. (Note: I was watching this show on an anime streaming site, and thus was told there were 28 episodes to the series.) Here's a basic breakdown of my thoughts of the last few episodes.

Episode 26 - Ooh, Sora overstepped his bounds and got whomped by something new and deadly-looking that seems ready to kick ass and take names. And Tsukasa finally logged out and got to meet Subaru. I totally support them in a romantic relationship. I can't wait to watch the next episode to find out what's up with Skeith.

Episode 27 - Okay, a filler episode. Interesting, but dammit, I want to know what happens next!

Episode 28 - A flashback and recap episode... This had better be to bring us back on track after the filler episode.

Episode 29 - What the fuck, why is everybody dancing? Why is this making no sense? Where did all the characters from the 4-part video game come from? Why is Sora not a giant monster? And why are they still dancing? ...Fuck this noise, I'm watching something else.

My best guess is that everything is clarified in the video game, of which I only have the firstof four parts because when it first came out, each part was sold as a separate video game for the same price that most games retail for, meaning there was no way I could afford to get all the parts. Now they're hard to track down.

Frankly, I think it was a lousy way to end the show. The main problem got resolved, yes, but right at the end, another much larger problem revealed itself, and it's like the people in charge of the whole .hack idea started laughing and demanding we pay them over $200 for the video game that may potentially reveal what happened between episode 28 and the crazy dancing reunion episode.

So as interesting as the story was and as much as I totally ship Tsukasa/Subaru, I'm really disappointed in the fact if I want to find out what happens now, I'll have to wait a long time to be able to pay over $100 for the rest of the video games. And that's assuming I can find them used for a decent price. It feels like the anime was just a great big marketing scheme to make people buy the games.

I wonder if I'd just played all the games and not seen the anime, would there be bits of the game that wouldn't make sense too?

Blah. Now I'm going to find something else to watch that's hopefully more self-contained.
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I actually have a little bit of money! It's incredible, but it looks like through filing some of the forgotten tax returns from years past, I've paid off the remaining loan that I had (which I didn't even know I had until recently, since the government is very good at not contacting me when something needs to be done), and the extra went into my bank account this morning. Most of it will go toward helping pay the rent next month, and some will allow me to buy a bus pass, but I bought myself a treat today in the form of a few notebooks. They weren't expensive, but they are nice, and I plan to make good use of them.

I finished watching Haibane Renmei today. I can see why it got as much acclaim as it did. It was an intelligent story with a bittersweet ending, and I'm glad I can now say that I've seen it all. It's one I wouldn't even mind watching again, and since I don't think Rei's seen it all, I expect I will rewatch it at a later date.

Now I'm moving on to .hack//SIGN, yet another anime on the long list that I started watching years ago and never did manage to finish. At least I'm trying to end that terrible habit of mine by finishing the unfinished now, even if it has taken years for me to finally do. And it isn't as though doing this isn't enjoyable. I'm having a lot of fun watching all this anime, and I actually feel once again that I can call myself a fan without the shame of telling people that no, actually I haven't seen this, or that, or the other thing either.
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Finished watching Digimon Adventure 02 this afternoon. Now I can happily move on to Tamers, since I'm still on a big Digimon kick. I'd considered switching off with other anime before tackling another season of Digimon, but I may as well ride the wave while I can.

Took advantage of a sale where Rei works, and I now have the cupboards stocked with exactly 96 packets of ramen. It may be low on nutrition, but given that we're short on money and a case of 24 packets only cost $5, we thought it best to pick up some while we could. A few extra dollars and we can buy a few fresh vegetables to add to them, and so long as we're not looking for a great deal of variety, we can eat for almost a month on about $25.

When one considers the amount of rice in the cupboards, too, we're well on our way to having a bland pseudo-Japanese diet. I might see if we can scrape together the money to buy some smoked salmon from the local farmer's market, so I can make some onigiri. At $12 a pound, it's pricey, but we won't need very much of it, so we might be able to swing that as a little treat.

I'm submitting to a guilty pleasure right now and rereading the House of Night series. I say rereading, but I've really only read the first two books thus far, and they're quick enough reads that I can add reviews to my book blog to keep readers amusing while I get through other books that are taking longer. (A heavy-handed Christian children's fantasy novel makes for slow reading, I'll say that much.) Fortunately, while these books are fluffy and present vampires as Wiccans with fangs, they aren't as bad as a lot of other teen vampire novels out there right now, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the first and second books when I first read them. They'll never have a spot on my favourites list, but they are a fun way to pass the time, if you're into that sort of thing.

Must try to remember to ask Cass on Wednesday if she doesn't mind dropping me off at the fabric store for a moment, so I can check the prices on some fabric for a project. I can't imagine she'll mind, since she and Rei and I will be in the area anyway, and the sooner I find out about the cost of material, the sooner I can start the sewing.

[Edit] - Or I would be watching Digimon Tamers if I could find a site that has subbed episodes streaming. The one I bookmarked only a few weeks ago seems to be down at the moment, and annoyingly, all the torrents for the season seem to have vanished. *grumble* Looks like I might be taking a break from Digimon after all.

[Edit 2] - Haibane Renmei it is! I watched almost all of the episodes, but that was about 6 years ago, and I don't remember much of it. It's short enough that I can watch it all in a few days, and hopefully by then one of the streaming sites for Digimon Tamers will be back up.
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Sent off another job application and resume. Washing laundry in a hotel isn't quite what I had in mind for a job, but if it gives me enough money to pay the bills, I'll be satisfied with that I have until I can get something better.

Still no word on the job I interviewed for last week, but there's still time. I'll be quite disappointed if I don't get it, since being hired there would allow me to go back to university and get a new apartment, two things which could be key to turning my life around.

I've been on an anime kick lately. I've always liked anime, and often find interesting shows to watch, but rarely do I actually watch them through from beginning to end. I find myself stopping halfway through, not because the show gets boring or goes off the air, but because I have a terrible habit of starting things and not finishing them.

But I've felt the need, lately, to go back and finally watch all of what I didn't finish before. This leaves me with approximately 10 years worth of anime to watch, or rather I should say, various anime from the past 10 years. I at least got through all of Love Hina last week, but that's really only one show down out of at least 20 that I still ought to watch. And some of those shows ran for years.

It will be easier for me to keep track of things if I make a list of what I plan to watch. This is a note for my own reference, and I don't expect any comments on it. Though if anybody does decide to comment, you're free to recommend an anime to you that you think I may like, but understand that I may have already dismissed your suggestion as uninteresting. Also, in addition to Love Hina, I've also watched all of Fruits Basket, Azumanga Daiou, Ouran Host Club, Loveless, and Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness), which is why they aren't on the list.

Cut to spare your eyes. )

Now that I've finished eating a large portion of gnocchi au gratin with garlic bread, I think it might be time to take a nap. I'm more tired than I expected to be after a walking and a meal.


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