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Not sure if I'm feeling any more energetic than yesterday, but I'm certainly feeling less ill. Turns out that rest, tea, and medicine can actually work wonders on a person. Who knew?

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, though, since I overestimated myself at the gym today and did too much too quickly. I managed to walk a mile and a quarter on the treadmill (bringing my total up to 6 miles, or almost to Tookland, on the Walking Through Middle Earth challenge), but as I was doing the cooldown I felt my knees start to buckle every few steps. I rested for a bit, then tried again, but it was no good. If I'd gone a bit slower, I could have lasted longer and possibly achieved more, but I pushed myself too far.

At least I know for next time.

I'll probably end up taking a short walk to the convenience store at the bottom of the street later, for some water that doesn't taste like ass. (Tap water here is gross, and our Brita filter's screwed up for now.) I ought to be able to handle that, at least. But not before I share some gyoza with Rei. It's storebought gyoza, and not as good as the stuff we made a while ago, but it's still a nice treat.

Playing Persona 3 makes me want to eat Japanese food all day. Watching Rei play Persona 4 doesn't help things any! In P4, you get to cook things, so we keep hearing about things that sound delicious that we don't have the ingredients to make properly.

Just noticed that my paid account has expired here, too, and I was going to renew it except that DW doesn't yet take PayPal, so there goes that idea for a little while. No big deal, in terms of what I'd use the paid account for, but so far this place is much more awesome than LJ, and I want to support it.

A muscle in my eyelid keeps twitching, and has been doing so for days. It's driving me bonkers. It's been doing this for a week now, and while I frequently have random muscle spasms like this, they rarely last for such a long span of time. Probably should mention that to my doctor, but seeing as how it isn't painful but only mildly irritating most of the time, I'd feel like an idiot for bringing it up.

Of course, I've had lousy experiences with doctors, so it's somewhat understandable that I don't want to tell them things. (Remind me to tell you all the story of the arsonist doctor some day. She was a special one.)

Okay, enough babbling from me. I'm going to play more of P3FES while I wait for Rei to come so we can eat that gyoza.
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You know, to spruce up my time at the gym and to motivate me through geekish ways, I'm going to undertake the challenge of walking through Middle Earth. I'm the kind of person who gets more motivated when I'm working with milestones and a large number of small goals, so this is the kind of challenge that will work well for me. Even if I don't make then entire journey that the Fellowship did, I'll be interested to see just how far I can get before my gym membership runs out.

This means that I'll end up posting about this a lot, to help keep track of where I am and what I've done. Hope nobody finds that too boring; I promise not to make such entries long and involved. Likely just a brief mention at the end of other entries, unless something particularly interesting happened in regard to my exercise routine.

Starting tomorrow, this challenge gets underway. I'm going to aim for a few miles a day at first, since I'm not used to stenuous walking or biking and I'm not sure how my body will take me doing it on a more regular basis. Probably well enough, so long as my lungs hold out, but we'll see what happens as it happens.

I'm excited about this!


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