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If there was any lingering delusion that autumn wasn't here already, it got blown away this morning, when the temperature dipped as low as it's been thus far: a mere 5 degrees Celcius. The nights are cold enough to really make me appreciative of a nice thick blanket or comforter. The afternoons are warmer, but there's still that particular kind of chill on the breeze that makes you shiver no matter how warm the sunshine.

With that all in mind, I bundled up this morning when I walked my daily three miles.

Well, I say "daily", but I've actually been slack on my walking goals over the weekend. Partly because I spent a good deal of Saturday hanging out with Cass, and Sunday was a day pretty much devoted to staying indoors and watching Rei play Ocarina of Time, watching a movie, and then curling up in bed with old episodes of Ranma 1/2 to keep us company. We did go out, but it was a short walk (a little less than 2 miles) to get some cake.

Tomorrow's going to contain a lot of walking, I'm sure. Not only will I have to walk uptown to get rent money from my bank account (1.5 miles), but then I'll walk from there to the north end (about 2 miles, I'm estimating) to pick up a few groceries, and then home again (1 mile). That's more walking than I normally do, but it all needs to be done, and it'll help me catch up on my weekly goal for HealthMonth. I haven't been doing too badly with those goals, but this weekend's slackness did put me a bit behind schedule, so I'm glad to have a good excuse to make up for that.

Fortunately, that should only take me a couple of hours, so if I leave early enough, I'll still have time to come home and make another batch of baked beans for supper. I want to make some multigrain bread, too, but I'm not sure if I'll leave that until Wednesday, to give me something specific to do on that day. I know I want to make a loaf of bread, and I also thought that using some leftover sausages to make some little sausage-and-cheese buns would be nice, too. Nicely portable, good warm or cold, and handy for Rei to take for lunch if he likes them enough.

Maybe on Thursday I'll try to scrub the rust off the muffin tins (they got rusty thanks to a ceiling leak in the kitchen, and I haven't had the patience to scrub them clean yet) and then make a batch of honey bran muffins for snacks. I might see if Cass's offer to give me some old bananas is still good, and make a loaf of banana bread too, just for fun. I've never made it before, but I do like eating it!

And with the exception of the cheese for the buns, all of these delicious things can be made with what's still in the kitchen, so I don't need to go and waste the little grocery money I have on buying a bunch of ingredients. It makes me feel good to know that I can make so many tasty things without needing to spend a lot of money on them. It just takes a bit of creativity and patience, and I'm learning more how to channel creativity into food and to be more patient with it and myself when I make mistakes. Cooking is good for me in many ways!

Today the only cooking I'll do will be to add another few potatoes and carrots to the leftovers of the turkey-vegetable stew, and some water. I ended up putting too much salt in when I first made it, and adding more vegetables and water to it will end up balancing that out quite nicely, and making the stew last longer. And since we still have plenty of potatoes and carrots in, this gives me a good chance to use them up before they go off.

Oh, for another icon spot so I can add a "Happy Domestic" icon. :p I know that when I get a job again, I'll be buying a paid account here. I really like Dreamwidth, as it's much more like what LJ was before they started to care more about money than pleasing their userbase, and I want to support them where and when I can. Just have to wait until then.

I've managed to keep up both a good amount of reading and writing since the beginning of the month, too, which bodes well for NaNo. I was worried for a while as to whether I could manage to keep pace with my NaNo writing as well as keep reading a good amount for my bookblog, but if this month is any indicator so far, it shouldn't be too big a problem. Even if I end up getting a job next month, so long as I stick to hard copies of books (rather than e-books, I mean) and read over my lunch and breaks as well as during the trip there, I should be just fine.

Making sure I write 1000 words a day this month is also a good warm-up for NaNo. I've been working again on Fractured. I'm only about halfway to where I was when I had to reinstall my operating system and lost everything, but it's going a bit better this time, with the plot and the flow of events, that I don't mind being a little slow with it.

Speaking of NaNo, though, I really ought to devote some time soon to planning out this year's project. I know what I want to write, but I thought that this year I'd actually do more advance work and create a chapter outline plan, so that things flow better and that I have more of an idea of what I'm doing if I end up, say, writing at work. In the past, when I worked in call centres in November, I'd have time to write some in between calls. But given that my main work was at home, I'd often end up starting what I knew I wanted to be the next chapter, whether or not I was done with the previous one. This led to me coming home, updating my writing file, finishing what hadn't been finished of the previous chapter, and trying to finish whatever hadn't been done of the chapter I'd started at work. Things got disjointed easily, phrases got reused far too often, and the whole thing felt like a mess. I didn't enjoy writing that way at all, even though it was a good way to boost my wordcount. So this year I'll do more planning and hopefully be able to avoid such situations in the future.

Of course, if I don't end up getting a job by November, this year may be a repeat of last year, where I met my 50k wordcount goal a little less than halfway through the money, and then couldn't keep myself motivated to write any more even though the story wasn't finished. Chapter outlines will hopefully prevent that from happening again too!
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Not sure if I'm feeling any more energetic than yesterday, but I'm certainly feeling less ill. Turns out that rest, tea, and medicine can actually work wonders on a person. Who knew?

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, though, since I overestimated myself at the gym today and did too much too quickly. I managed to walk a mile and a quarter on the treadmill (bringing my total up to 6 miles, or almost to Tookland, on the Walking Through Middle Earth challenge), but as I was doing the cooldown I felt my knees start to buckle every few steps. I rested for a bit, then tried again, but it was no good. If I'd gone a bit slower, I could have lasted longer and possibly achieved more, but I pushed myself too far.

At least I know for next time.

I'll probably end up taking a short walk to the convenience store at the bottom of the street later, for some water that doesn't taste like ass. (Tap water here is gross, and our Brita filter's screwed up for now.) I ought to be able to handle that, at least. But not before I share some gyoza with Rei. It's storebought gyoza, and not as good as the stuff we made a while ago, but it's still a nice treat.

Playing Persona 3 makes me want to eat Japanese food all day. Watching Rei play Persona 4 doesn't help things any! In P4, you get to cook things, so we keep hearing about things that sound delicious that we don't have the ingredients to make properly.

Just noticed that my paid account has expired here, too, and I was going to renew it except that DW doesn't yet take PayPal, so there goes that idea for a little while. No big deal, in terms of what I'd use the paid account for, but so far this place is much more awesome than LJ, and I want to support it.

A muscle in my eyelid keeps twitching, and has been doing so for days. It's driving me bonkers. It's been doing this for a week now, and while I frequently have random muscle spasms like this, they rarely last for such a long span of time. Probably should mention that to my doctor, but seeing as how it isn't painful but only mildly irritating most of the time, I'd feel like an idiot for bringing it up.

Of course, I've had lousy experiences with doctors, so it's somewhat understandable that I don't want to tell them things. (Remind me to tell you all the story of the arsonist doctor some day. She was a special one.)

Okay, enough babbling from me. I'm going to play more of P3FES while I wait for Rei to come so we can eat that gyoza.
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You know, to spruce up my time at the gym and to motivate me through geekish ways, I'm going to undertake the challenge of walking through Middle Earth. I'm the kind of person who gets more motivated when I'm working with milestones and a large number of small goals, so this is the kind of challenge that will work well for me. Even if I don't make then entire journey that the Fellowship did, I'll be interested to see just how far I can get before my gym membership runs out.

This means that I'll end up posting about this a lot, to help keep track of where I am and what I've done. Hope nobody finds that too boring; I promise not to make such entries long and involved. Likely just a brief mention at the end of other entries, unless something particularly interesting happened in regard to my exercise routine.

Starting tomorrow, this challenge gets underway. I'm going to aim for a few miles a day at first, since I'm not used to stenuous walking or biking and I'm not sure how my body will take me doing it on a more regular basis. Probably well enough, so long as my lungs hold out, but we'll see what happens as it happens.

I'm excited about this!
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I was awoken yesterday by a phone call from my mother, reminding me that we had an appointment at the gym today and asking me if I was going. I informed her that she had just woken me up, and that we had discussed earlier in the week the fact that I didn't appreciate her making my appointments without my permission because I didn't know how I'd be feeling on Saturday. (Id had a bad stomach all week, and early mornings are one of my big triggers.)

She seemed miffed that I wasn't likely to be her gym buddy that day. I think now that the only reason she bought the gym membership for me was so that I could go with her, not equal parts keeping her company and improving my own health.

She called again later to tell me that the next orientation class (which they want me to do so that they can find out what I can do with weights, what my heart rate is and shoud be, etc) that fits into her schedule is next Saturday. At that point, I lost politeness, and asked her, since she'd already done her own orientation, why it was so important that my class fit into her schedule.

She tried to backpedal and say that of course it didn't really matter, but her tone told me that her frustration had started all over again. She, like my father, was assuming that my time was her time and that she could do whatever she wanted with it, regardless of my preferences or even my health concerns.

I'm definitely going to make an effort to go to the gym with her next week, likely on the days Rei has to get up early for work, since even if early mornings can be a trigger for some health problems, I did say that I'd try to go with my mother when I could, and I meant that. But I do wish that she'd stop trying to run my life for me and then getting annoyed when her plans, often made without consulting me, don't go as she wants.

I had planned to go the gym at some point yesterday, but ended up not doing it after all. Why? Because by the time I had walked the three kilometres or so from where I had lunch to the mall on the east side, I wasn't in much of a mood to go do another 20 minutes on the treadmill or stationary bike. My bad toe hurt like hell, and I was tired from not getting much sleep the night before, so a little while after I got home, I ended up taking a nap.

Of course, after Rei and I had both napped, we decided we wanted pizza, so we went for another walk, this one almost two kilometres, for pizza and then home again.

So in total yesterday, I walked about five kilometres, which is more exercise than I probably would have got had I just gone to the gym anyway. I'm pretty proud of myself, since that's also the furthest I've walked in any one day in years! My feet don't hurt that much, aside from my bad toe, and my face is sunburned like you wouldn't believe (I have very fair skin, so much so that I have never tanned but only ever really burn), but aloe gel and a day of rest and writing will help me recuperate.

Which is good, since I think I'll go to the gym tomorrow, if I'm not feeling cruddy. See if I can do just a bare two kilometres on the treadmill or something. Shouldn't be too hard. At my normal walking pace, which isn't strenuous at all, it takes me around 40 minutes to walk that far on the street, so maybe half an hour if I push myself on the treatmill.

And the warm weather has been kind to my lungs lately, so touch wood, but I shouldn't have to worry too much about them objecting to increased activity and seizing up! After all, I walked the whole 3 kilometres yesterday without needing my meds at all!

Yup. Pretty darn proud of myself!

(Why is "proud" not an option I can choose for my mood without filling in the custom line?)


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