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If anybody's curious, I fully expect to be hanging around on Digimon Battle for the next while, as I suspect this game will consume my soul with a nice slice of lemon. If you're on the Antyla server and see Osamu running around (looking remarkably like Henry Wong/Li Jianliang -- hush, he's in disguise), feel free to say hi.

Productivity? What is this strange concept of which you speak?

[Edit] - Ended the day with both a Renamon and a Gabumon, and the latter was a piece of luck, since the capture rate in that game is around 0.1%, from what I hear. Very much want Nyaromon and Tokomon, and I'll probably spend far too many hours trying to get them.
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Aaaand the more I watch Digimon Adventure 02, the more I can see Miyako growing up to become a slash fangirl in her teens.

I really have the urge to start playing Digimon World 2 now, as well as Digimon World DS. I'mbeing adamant about this, though: I will not start playing DWDS until I've gotten tired of Pokemon Soul Silver. In the past, I've had a terrible habit of putting games down in favour of other games, and then I don't pick up the first game again for months, often forgetting what I was doing or where I was going. This is why I rarely finish a video game. So I'll at least try to limit myself to one game per system, and hopefully that will help cut down on the problem.

If I play any Digimon game, it will be Digimon World 2, since that one's for the Playstation and it has less risk of making me forget to play Pokemon. And I'll only be able to play it for a limited time each day, since Rei usually uses the game systems when she gets home from work and I don't like to cut into the few hours she can use for her own games. So I'd play only when she's at work, or when she's busy doing something else.

Days like this make me wish I didn't have to focus on finding a new job. If I could honestly make enough money to pay my rent and bills while doing little but reading and reviewing books and playing video games, I could live a very happy life. The book reviews allow me to sometimes get free novels from publishers, which cuts down on my expenses, but it doesn't keep a roof over my head or food on my plate, so I don't quite think that counts. Reviews and the like can make me a few pennies from Google AdSense, but since my rent costs hundreds of dollars a month instead of 5 cents, I can't see that one working out either.

Blah. Stupid need for a mundane job.
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As much as I'm enjoying watching Digimon Adventure 02, I'm already looking forward to getting all the way to Digimon Frontier so that I can see more of Lucemon. I've seen him before in one of the video games, but all I really got to see was him being defeated in battle fairly quickly, and I didn't get to learn much about him.

I've always had an interest in spiritual balance, and see Lucifer as the necessary dark to balance the light in sects of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions that declare him to be the adversary of God. Reading a brief description of Lucemon's Chaos Mode, I'm intruiged by the dual nature of his existance, at one both loving and hating, nurturing and destroying.

I can see him having great interest in the events that Kain and Alphamon started in Digimon World DS, especially since Lucemon represents that sin of pride. Alphamon's manipulation of Kain in order to further manipulate Digimon to declare themselves wholly self-sufficient and stronger than Digimon with Tamers seems like it would fall under that sphere of influence, as to declare such a thing would be very prideful. There's also an aspect of contradiction in there; for Alphamon to carry out his plan to remove the necessity of humans from the Digital World, he needed a human to act on his behalf.

I'll have to go through the Seven Demon Lords quest in Digimon World DS again, to see if there are any more hints as to Lucemon's personality and interests demonstrated, or whether it was mostly just a bragging-rights quest. I can see this being added to the Kain/Yuji fic that will never be read, either way. (I doubt anybody will read it because both are characters in a game that even few Digimon fans probably played, and Yuji's a fairly minor character anyway. But they are my OTP, so I can't abandon them.)

Things like this are why I don't understand why the Digimon fandom is so often passed off as a forgettable kiddy show. It holds an enormous amount of potential, has intelligence, darkness, and mindfucks all over the place, and if it were presented only slightly differently (with Chosen Children in their early to mid teens, maybe, and few overreactions and filler episodes, and perhaps with a more mature art style), it would have gained a greater following. Though that may sound like a lot to change, bear in mind that those are superficial changes. The plot could stay the same. Only variations in the presentation of the plot would be different.

But there's no shame in liking such a show anyway. I look at it and see more than others, and have a greater interest in the darker aspects than in character pairings, which seem to be the driving force behind most fans of any show, movie, or book.


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