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- Work, thankfully, wasn't too bad today. We're quickly catching up on the backlog, and most of what's left is because we're waiting on confirmation for credits from people higher up than us.

- It occurs to me now that I probably at no point actually explained what my new job entails. We handle stuff that regular agents can't. Fee disputes, cases where the billing went wonky, that sort of thing. Escalations issues. We also handle answering the emails that come in to specific branches of the company. In addition to doing supervisor calls (even though we aren't supervisors) and continuing to run floor support even though that's not technically one of our normal duties. It keeps a person busy.

- Head a left hemisphere pinging headache all day. Also my legs aren't that steady at the moment, which makes doing complicated things like, oh, say, walking a real pain in the butt.

- Hoping to spend a good chunk of tomorrow catching up on some reading. Honestly, there's far too much that I need to catch up on. Nearly all of them hobbies, I'll grant, but I still feel like a slacker for letting some things go undone for so long.

- Supper shall be arriving soon. Daniel's feeling under the weather, and I'm still not fully recovered from layrngitis, so we're falling back on our old standby of ordering Swiss Chalet for supper.


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