Oct. 6th, 2010 04:23 pm
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You know, a fit older doctor with long fingers may sound petty sexy, but when he pokes one of those long fingers as far as it'll go up your backside, the sexy goes far far away. Ow...

The gastro appointment went well, or as well and can be expected. My blood pressure was a little high, but considering how high my anxiety level was, that's no big surprise. He suspects that I have IBS, coupled with a fissure that's causing the bleeding, and so I'm scheduled for a sigmoidoscopy later this month. No fasting, no having to drink barium or Epsom salts. Just a little suppository an hour beforehand, and a relatively painless procedure. It'll 100% confirm or rule out ulcerative colitis, and isn't as good at ruling out Crohn's but will give them at least some indication if it might be IBD instead of IBS.

But right now, he's leaning towards IBS. Which is pretty much what I've been calling it all along anyway, and have been acting like it is (except when I get some flare-ups in other areas that are suspiciously similar to Crohn's symptoms, anyway), so I already know how to handle it. It's all a matter of balance, which is what I've been working harder to gain for myself anyway.

Of course, one way or the other I know that stress is a big trigger for flare-ups, and given the amount of stress I've suffered this past year or so... Unemployment, financial problems, idiotic family members, general anxiety... It really makes me think that looking into counseling again might be one of the best things I can do for myself. Provided I can find a good one this time, that is, and not one who seems to want to rush me out the door ASAP and puts her own outlandish spin on my situations and issues.


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