Feb. 26th, 2011

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I was wrong about one of the agents getting fired. Turns out he just left early that day and nobody knew, so they assumed the cops had hauled him off, falling prey to the rumours. On the other hand, the two sups and the ops manager were actually fired, so that part still stands true.

The Tier 2 Billing folk have been doing our best to keep control of the floor in absense of a sup for the team, as well as getting our normal work done. It's been hard and hectic, but hopefully a new sup will be assigned to us soon so that things can return to normal. Or closer to normal, anyway.

Trying a new approach to helping with my tinnitus. I read an article a while ago that a theorized cause of tinnitus is the brain getting used to so much sound that when there's an absense of sound, it fills in the blank spaces with that annoying tone. Which makes no small degree of sense, by my way of thinking about it. So also by my way of thinking, that could indicate that by adjusting oneself to less sound, the brain might eventually stop compensating, and reduce the severity of the tinnitus.

Thus, whenever I can get away with it, I'm wearing earplugs. Right now, all I can hear is vague background noise from my typing, and the ringing in my ears. Got to get used to that, weirdly, so that it will go away. I hope. It's all just a shot in the dark right now, but if I can lessen the severity of one of my complaints, then it's all to the good.

And now I have to dash, since Daniel and I are dog-sitting this weekend. Walking a golden lab in freshly fallen snow? Oh yes, I see much fun ahead!


sarasvati: A white lotus flower floating on water. (Default)

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