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So many things have happened since I last posted anything. Time to do a recap, I guess.

  • I quit Atelka. I couldn't take it anymore. Things kept piling up and piling up and getting worse. At the moment, there are exactly 4 people left from my training class, and I know 2 of those people are going to be leaving by September. There's maybe 5 people from the second training class. Each class started out with about 30 people, and we've all been there for less than a year. That's a terrible track record. But to make matters worse (and yet more interesting), the HR person who openly sympathized with me and my opinions of the place was fired about a week after I left. Yeah. I think I got out of there at the right time.

  • Fortunately, my new job starts in the first week of September. I've applied for EI benefits to get me by until then. I'm looking forward to the new job. It pays $13.25 an hour in training, then $14.25 an hour once I hit the floor. That'll make it the most I've ever earned at a job before shift bonuses. Very excited! Especially because there's the very real possibility of the centre going 24/7, and they already know I'm interested in an overnight position. That will bump my hourly wage to $15.25 an hour, and leave me relatively free to do other things while not taking calls. Whether this means I'll be studying or just reading for enjoyment, I don't know, but at least the option's there.

  • My finger has healed, at least as much as I ever think it will. It's stiff as anything in the mornings, and swells up when it's hot, but I've regained pretty much full mobility and strength.

  • Still doing the book blog. Still have more books than I can reasonably read in a month, but at least another free month will help me to get through some of the backlog, the way it did when my finger was injured and I could do nothing but read.

  • I've made the decision that I'm going to try to get into Osaka University of the Arts. It will require a lot of preparation (got to master the Japanese language first, after all) and saving (yeah, I dread to think about how much money it'll cost, but fortunately the new job will allow me to save more money than I could have before, so that's a plus), but early research is key. Turns out that I can arrange decent housing through the school, and that people on a student visa can, with permission, work a certain number of hours each week, which will be very beneficial. If I can manage to get a part time job, then I won't have to be quite so worried about money. But regardless, I won't be able to even apply for at least five years, since I figure that it'll take me that long to save up. (Barring large windfalls, like winning the lottery or something.)

    So, that's my life in a nutshell. I'm out of hell, into purgatory, and awaiting heaven. :p Not a bad place to be, considering where I came from!
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