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A sinus infection. Oh joy, oh bliss, this is just what I needed to make my day complete. I'd go out and pick up some cheap meds, but since Rei isn't due back for another 2 hours at the earliest and I still can't find my keys, going out and then having to hang around outside for at least an hour really doesn't sound that appealing. I'd much rather stay inside where it's warmer, more comfortable, and will at least allow me to drink mug after mug of tea.

And large amounts of ibuprofen, as the infection is giving me one massive headache.

I really hate sinus infections. I've become so prone to them over the past year or so. It used to be that whenever I got sick, it would be my lungs that I'd have to worry about the most. Now it's my sinuses.

Of course, that may well be due to unemployment, weirdly. The winters last so long around here that having to go out in the cold all the time did nothing for my lungs, and even with meds they probably still got a little weaker, and made them more susceptible to infection. This past winter, I was able to stay inside a lot, which probably gave my lungs more time to grow strong again. Now that they're better than they have been in a while (not great, of course, but I don't think they ever will be), it's my sinuses that are at the greatest risk.

If it's not one thing, it's another.

But I'm trying to stay optimistic. Things could, after all, be worse. I could have both a lung and sinus infection, for example. *knocks on wood* I could have no choice but to go somewhere and then have to hang around for hours until I can get back inside the apartment. Got to look on the bright side!

I should probably be using this time productively or something. Writing, reading, maybe doing some small crafts to sell at the annual Christmas craft fair. Instead, I feel unmotivated and more apt to just waste time on TV Tropes. Because, you know, it's TV Tropes! You can lose entire weeks of your life going through that site.

Or maybe I'll take a nap. My eyes are burning badly enough and I slept badly enough last night that a nap might be the best thing of all for me right now.
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