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Sarasvati ([personal profile] sarasvati) wrote2011-05-27 12:04 pm
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So, almost 2 months after my pay initially got borked, someone has finally stepped up to the plate and worked with me to get it fixed. It only took talking to 3 supervisors (one of them twice), the Operations Manager (3 times), the Human Resources person (once, who told me to speak to a sup or the Ops Manager), and a final report to the Labour Board to get them to do something, but something has been done. The sup who actually worked with me reviewed the records, saw that indeed I did work for all the hours I claimed I had, had no idea how I was paid for considerably less than that, and told Payroll to give me the money.

Originally, he told me it would be on my next paycheque. I told him flat out that while I appreciate his help, that just wasn't good enough. Legally, a place has 7 days to fix pay fuck-ups before I'm within my rights to demand they cut me a cheque there and then. I was pretty patient with this, accepting, "It'll be on your next cheque" 3 times already, and because of the wait, I was now short on rent money this month. He immediately sent an email to Payroll telling them to give me the money ASAP, and told me it should most likely be in my bank account this coming Monday.

And if it isn't, there will be hell to pay. I've put up with this for far too long, and I'm tired of it. Tired of the stress it causes, tired of, in spite of the fact that I'm making more than I need to survive, still living paycheque-to-paycheque because there's never a guarantee that my pay will be right and that I won't have to wait even longer for someone to fix the problem. It's pathetic.

I am looking into other jobs, still. Problem is, most jobs available will be a step back for me, and I don't want to have to do that unless I absolutely have to. Entry-level call centre jobs where I'll be back on the phones and will have less seniority there than where I am now. I've already wrangled a promotion out of this place once, and am working on trying to get a Quality job so I can spend my shift monitoring calls instead of taking them, which would be awesome and is something that I think I'm better suited to than what I've got right now, fun as my job can sometimes be.

I mostly have my fingers crossed, though, for a work-from-home job that's actually legit. A certain hotel chain has most of their agents work from home unless they live in a certain city, which I do not. They ship me off to said city for a month of training, put me up in a hotel and everything, and then send me back home to work from the comfort of wherever I have a computer with an Internet connection. I can have a little office area set up in the craft room easily enough, and their pay is about as much as I'm currently making, plus I'd get to work in a comfortable place where no stupid rules would prevent me from having my meds with me or prevent me from knitting or sewing in between calls. I've sent them my resume, and now am just hoping that they call me back.

Doing a job like that would be amazing, not just for the obvious comfort reasons, not just because it would save me money on transportation, but because I plan to, in January, start a distance education program to become a library technician. Working from home would allow me a better chance to coordinate my courseload and my workload, which could mean I could get through everything in 3 years instead of 4, allowing me to again get a better job that much sooner.

For the first time in my life, I feel like I really have a plan for my future. Not just a series of vague, "I want to do this," ideas that may or may not pan out, but a set of steps to get to where I want to be. Goals, I haz them! And it feels nice. Feels like I might actually be able to get somewhere good instead of just getting by, hoping for something better to come along. I'm actually making it happen, or at least working toward making it happen.

Shame it took me until I'm almost 27 to do all this. I wish I'd realised my strengths and habits half a decade ago, and maybe by now I could actually be somewhere better instead of just looking forward to something better. But unless my big break is to invent a time machine, all I can do is just keep moving forward and working toward my goals. It's pointless to look too far back on a regretful past. Doing so just takes time away that I could be using to get ahead.