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I know it's been going around for some times now, but I figure it's about time that I just bit the bullet and participated in that 30 Days of Video Games meme. It might be fun to look back on some things, especially seeing as how the warm weather always makes me want to break out the game systems. (I blame that on all those summers spent gaming in high school and shortly after...)

So, here we go!

Day 1 - Very First Video Game

I can't remember if it was Super Mario Brothers or Duck Hunt, but my brain keeps telling me it was Duck Hunt, so I'm going to go with that one.

Shortly after I moved to Canada, by parents bought me an NES. Well, I say they bought it for me, and it was in my bedroom, but my parents came in to play it all the time rather than moving it into the more communal living room, setting precedent for pretty much the rest of my life up to the point where they moved out. But that aside, for a while we only had one game cartirdge, and that was the one with Mario and Duck Hunt combined.

I was young enough at the time that I had no coordination to fire that plastic orange space-age-looking gun, and so my "amazing" hunting skills came from me holding the thing right up to the TV screen and pulling the trigger. To hell with aiming from afar! I can get points really easily the other way! Using a gun is easy, and oh, those poor suckers like my dad who stand back and squint and miss the pixelated ducks sometimes. They just don't know how to do it right.

Hey, I never said the thought processes of a six year old made sense!

Day 1 – Very First Video Game
Day 2 – Your favorite character.
Day 3 – A game that is underrated.
Day 4 – Your guilty pleasure game.
Day 5 – Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were).
Day 6 – Most annoying character.
Day 7 – Favorite game couple.
Day 8 – Best soundtrack.
Day 9 – Saddest game scene.
Day 10 – Best gameplay.
Day 11 – Gaming system of choice.
Day 12 – A game everyone should play.
Day 13 – A game you’ve played more than five times.
Day 14 – Current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper.
Day 15 – Post a screenshot from the game you’re playing right now.
Day 16 – Game with the best cut scenes.
Day 17 – Favorite antagonist.
Day 18 – Favorite protagonist.
Day 19 – Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in.
Day 20 – Favorite genre.
Day 21 – Game with the best story.
Day 22 – A game sequel which disappointed you.
Day 23 – Game you think had the best graphics or art style.
Day 24 – Favorite classic game.
Day 25 – A game you plan on playing.
Day 26 – Best voice acting.
Day 27 – Most epic scene ever.
Day 28 – Favorite game developer.
Day 29 – A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.
Day 30 – Your favorite game of all time.
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