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Sarasvati ([personal profile] sarasvati) wrote2011-03-22 07:28 am

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Ended up taking yesterday off work because I felt too cruddy. I feel better today, at least better enough that I can't justify taking another day off, but the fatigue hasn't gone anywhere. I slept for 8 hours last night and feel like I could go back to bed right now and sleep for another 8 more, if I didn't have to go to work.

Found a surprise package on my doorstep yesterday, from Amanda at Floor-to-Ceiling Books. Turns out she sent me one of the books she had from World Book Night, and didn't tell me she was going to, so that was a pretty nice surprise to come across!

Went to an introductory class on divination techniques on Sunday night, run by the ever-awesome TL. It was nice to see Van and Judy there, too, since I haven't seen them in quite a while,. Came away with a pendulum (which I apparently work very well with) and a set of L-rods (which I don't work quite so well with) and some good memories of making rod jokes. Everyone loves a good rod joke.

I keep thinking I have more to say, but every time I go to type something, my brain just blanks out and I hit a wall of mental fog. I'll buy myself some hot chocolate or something before work, if I can, and hopefully that will wake me up, because I can't work through brain fog like this. It's hard enough pushing through normal days when pain and wonkiness hit, but the run-down feeling of too little rest is going to make it all that much harder. Ugh, seriously, can't I just telecommute? At least then I could work in comfy pajamas and wouldn't have to take the bus every day.