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While I'm still pretty darn chuffed about managing to get cheap groceries, some of that happiness is overshadowed by the fact that other pieces of my life are less than great. Our old landlord wants to withold a large portion of the damage deposit, and some of the claims he made even we agree with, but...$80 for "general cleaning?" Some of the photos taken as proof that we did damage to the place are grainy and in greyscale, meaning we can't identify what the hell the picture's supposed to be in the first place, let alone know how to dispute it.

This isn't helped by the fact that the first letter the rentalsman's office sent to us regarding this issue was sent to our old address. The one we moved out of. The one that pertains to the damage deposit we wanted transferred and our old landlord wanted for himself. Nice job, morons.

My job is going nowhere. Every time I think I might have some room for advancement, something comes along to block it. My sup, who had every indication that he was getting a promotion (including being put on the mailing list for the position he applied for) ended up not getting that job. Which means that no sup job opened up for me to apply for. Which means I'm stuck as an entry-level agent for the foreseeable future.

Oh no, wait, not entirely. I do get the privilege of walking the floor and helping the new training class. Extra work, for no extra pay. Two others get the privilege too. And they also get to have other temporary sup privileges, like being allowed to fill out paperwork and take agents off the phone. I don't get that. I get to do extra work for no extra pay, extra responsibilities for no compensation other than not having to take calls for a while sometimes, and it doesn't seem like anything's actually going to change.

One thing that I love about this job is that I can read on my Kindle between calls. Can't do that when I'm floorwalking. And right now, I'm torn between just letting them use me and keep hoping that I eventually get somewhere because of it, and telling them that if they want me to do more they can compensate me appropriately, which they won't do, and thus then refuse to floor-walk or assist other agents when sups ask me to, which will kill my chances of promotion, but it will let me chill out a little more and get more reading done.

I'm in a training class right now, learning a new aspect of the campaign (more duties, no more pay for it, of course, though at least that makes more sense since it involves a client merger), and I swear I spend more time trying to help the supervisor catch up because she just doesn't have the brain to think grasp what we're learning. She doesn't have the brain to grasp what she's supposed to be supervising us regarding; she failed both tests from the previous training class. She was hired as a supervisor based on previous sup experience, not because she knows the material and has good leadership skills. More than half the agents on the floor admit openly that I could do a better job than her. But I won't get the chance to.

It took a call to the Labour Board to have anything done about the heating in the training room being broken. Let me elaborate - it's been broken since the last time we used it, which was back in November. It was -20 Celcius outside on Tuesday, we were all wearing coats and hats and blankets indoors, and were too cold to concentrate, and we had to get up and walk around to thaw out about every half hour. Eventually, even the trainer gave up and complained. One of my coworkers made a point of calling the Labour Board and ended up speaking to the inspector who viewed the building in December. He wasn't impressed.

And let me tell you all, it's funny how quickly a company will call a repair person when they think they're going to get in serious govenmental shit if they don't. It was fixed 3 hours later. Which is good, but it's disgusting that they let it go that long in the first place, and only responded to threats rather than decency.

My stress level is, naturally, rather high through all of this, and I don't register stress much. I mean, I don't feel it consciously, but I have the appropriate reactions. My sleep suffers, I snap more, my health declines. But I don't feel stressed unless it's exceptionally bad. This past week and a half, I've choked on liquids more times than I care to count, and my legs have been shaky and unsteady a lot. Same symptoms I had in July and August, when my stress level was really climbing high because we were running out of money and I still hadn't found a job. I now have to be very careful to take smaller mouthfuls when I drink anything, and to walk close to walls or handrails, because I'm apt to lose my balance or not have my feet respond properly when I tell them too.

At least, I'm assuming this is all because of stress. Gods help me if it isn't.
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