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Dec. 4th, 2010 08:55 pm
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This is one of the first nights in over a month where I've been able to just take some time for myself and relax a little. Most of last month consisted of cleaning out the old apartment, moving things into the new apartment, writing like a mad fiend to get NaNo done, working for 9 hours a day, sleeping less than I should have, and trying to still maintain some semblance of a bookblog.

Now it's December, we're all moved out of the old crummy place and into the new awesome one (our stuff's still everywhere, but we're slowly making progress on cleaning and organizing), and Daniel's out at a Christmas party with his work buddies, so I'm sitting at home alone, comfortably hanging around on GPX Plus and doing some reading.

I've still been productive, though. Yup, wrote up a book review today, and I've got another one coming tomorrow, plus another entry in regards to my thoughts on Orson Scott Card completely missing the point of one of his own books. I cleaned out some old emails from my inbox. I haven't entirely been slacking, though some people would consider reading and reviewing books to be slacker work anyway.

But it's nice to have some leisure time again, time in which I can just relax and enjoy myself without worrying that each minute can be better spent doing something else because I'm running out of time on [insert thing here]. If I wanted, I could just go pour myself a drink and take a bubble bath! That luxury's almost unfamiliar to me now, since in the old apartment, the bathroom had something growing behind the walls, I'm sure, and the steam from the hot water and lying back in the bathtub nearly always combined with the wall-stuff to make my lungs seize up, making me fight for breath. I spent about four years giving myself scrub-downs rather than baths or showers. Being able to relax in a deep tub is so awesome!

Daniel and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie today. I was actually quite impressed with it. Good adaptation, good pacing, much better than some of the previous movies. It's been a while since I've actually walked out of a movie and ended up talking about how good it was all the way to the bus stop. I'm looking forward to seeing the second part, the final piece of the movie series, though I admit I'm not looking forward to crying in the middle of the theatre. I know myself well enough to know that I'll be doing it. I'm an emotional sap.

At least Daniel will be crying too, so that makes it a little more bearable. I won't be the only one there with tears in my eyes.

On a less happy note, work is still dicking everyone over. Remember my last entry about all the problems that place was giving us? Well, it got worse. (Is anybody surprised?) They messed up our paycheque again. They forgot to tack on the vacation pay that they owed us from the last paycheque, and they also didn't pay us for 8 hours on the first day we hit the floor, because our softphone programs weren't working properly. They swore our hours would be properly tracked, but I guess the company couldn't be bothered to pay attention to the reports they got, because we ended up lacking the right pay for the hours we worked.

We've been told they'll be depositing all the rest of the money they owe us on Monday. I wonder if that will actually happen. Three paycheques, and they've messed up 2 of them so far. That's actually pretty impressive.

Here's hoping one of the resumes I put out there will bring something good my way. People keep telling me, "Oh, you'll have to put up with crap no matter where you work," and yes, that's true, but this level of crap is just ridiculous. Usually in bad jobs, I can console myself at least a little by telling myself that at least they're paying me. I can't even properly say that here! They're paying me, yes, but not what they're supposed to be.

I guess I'll just have to see what happens on Monday, and keep putting resumes out. Honestly, if another place offers me the same pay and same hours, I'll go there rather than staying where I am. I get great shifts where I am, but only because of an unfair seniority system, and at least a new job will have a fresh chance to not screw me around. If my supervisor or someone from HR asks why I'm leaving, I have no qualms about telling them, either, and adding on that I seem to have no chances of advancement where I am because the company would rather hire an external trainer who'd have to teach from pieces of paper than giving the trainer's position to one of the agents who already has experience and has expressed an interest in the job.

Enough ranting. I'm determined to relax on my weekend, dagnabbit, and relaxing is what I'll do!
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